Quintas provides highly personal and hands-on advisory services to business owners and senior management of SME and mid-market companies. We are inspired and energised by the entrepreneurial spirit and energy present in our target market and we endeavour to bring these same characteristics together with our expertise to work collaboratively on our client’s objectives.

Most of our work is tailored or bespoke in nature – we understand our client’s businesses intimately because we work one to one with the business owners and most senior executives. The common objective is to create value and realise a return on years of hard work and entrepreneurship. Our stewardship of these companies is a responsibility we take with the highest care.

When we sit across the table and advise the business owner on what are often critical matters, it is a raw and intimate discourse. Often this relationship quickly evolves to that of a confidant.

Knowing that our advice has a direct impact on the client’s wealth is something that creates and sustains a level of engagement that is both demanding and energising. Knowing that our fees are often directly funded by that same person really keeps us accountable at the highest level.

We have serviced some of our clients for over 10 years. Our services are called on at many different stages of a company’s lifecycle. These include:

    • Business establishment
    • Growth planning
    • Shareholder entry/buy out
    • Fund raising
    • Business exit

Often we are referred to our clients by their accountants, lawyers and other advisers. We value the trust placed in us very highly and seek to not only service the client to the highest standards, but to also enhance the relationship between the client and referring party. We find that outlook is successful for all parties and results in future referrals – this is the life blood of our business. Naturally, we collaborate and communicate closely with our referring parties in client engagements referred.

While some standardised processes are required, the majority of our work is based on the highly specific requirements of the SME and mid-market companies.

Ultimately, we see our greatest differentiation as being a high value adding provider of bespoke corporate advisory advice that is cost effective and compelling for business owners.