We have been fortunate to have developed our skills and experience from within major Australian companies and leading professional practices.

The experience we bring to our clients includes:

  • Insights and experience from the preparation of well in excess of 100 valuations over the past 10 years – We have successfully serviced many businesses over the years.
  • A wide diversity of industry experience – we have serviced a substantial cross section of the Australian economy, including:

Engineering Services
Human Resources
Infrastructure & Related Services
Information Technology
Education & Training Services
Research and Development

  • Transaction advisory engagements working alongside highly experienced practitioners in a diverse range of contexts
  • Work that has often been subject to the highest scrutiny from legal and government authorities, sophisticated investors, auditors and our peers.

Over many years we have seen SME and mid-market companies benefit significantly from our deep expertise in company valuations and transactions. We bring pragmatic technical insight that directly helps to maximise our client’s financial returns.

We would be happy to provide a more detailed background of our experience within each service and industry sector on request.